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Devonna D. Williams

Owner and Trainer

  • I received my B.S. from Emmanuel College and my MED from Springfield College. 
  • I  coached Collegiate Women’s Basketball for several different institutions for 19+ years. 
  • I enjoyed a long stint as a personal trainer for various institutions and companies. 
  • I retired from coaching in 2011. After my 19+ year career as a Collegiate coach.
  • I continued my journey as a personal trainer at Health and Fitness clubs throughout New England for many years. 
  • I have established myself as a knowledgeable and educated trainer as I hold certifications in Personal Training, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC), Holistic Health Coach, and Functional Training Specialist.

I truly enjoy working and teaching clients on how to live a healthy and happy life style.

About JUMP Fitness 101

Personal Training

  • Providing the support you need, a trainer is invaluable in helping you achieve your personal health and fitness goals. 
  • From keeping you motivated and accountable – to helping you get more out of your time, I am invested in your aspirations as much as you are.

Holistic Nutrition

  • My Mission is to play a crucial role in improving your health and happiness. 
  • As a Holistic Health Coach my goal is to help my clients develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that works best for them.
  • Implementing lasting changes that enhances your energy, balance, and health.

More Than a Workout

  • Enjoy one on one personal attention Every Step Of The Way. 
  • My role as professional trainer is to help you along your fitness journey, no matter how much support you need. 
  • JUMP Fitness 101 was created to help you live a better, happier, and healthier life.

Personal Training for Young Athletes

Have a young athlete in the family?

It might be your son, it might be your daughter. it doesn't really matter.

Don't Know What To Do Next?

In any case, you realize that you have a kid that has above average ability. The big questions are, what do you do now and how do you continue to help them develop?

I Can Help!

By working with JUMP Fitness 101, I will develop a safe and efficient training program to help increase your child's level of performance in any sport.

Refer A Friend

As a JUMP Fitness Client, you can refer a friend and receive a free personal training session. 

Here's how the Refer a Friend program works:

For every friend that you refer who becomes a JUMP Fitness client, your account will be rewarded one free session on your next training package.

For more information please inquire within.